Each animation represents one of the Spotify Premium plan offers.

Every one of us is a unique collection of moments, experiences and passions. 
Our playlists are the same - abstract collages depicting our style. 

The same goes for Spotify Premium plans. 
Some are more suitable for students, some fit better couples or families.  
Your Spotify is like a self-portrait.

Each animation represents one of the Spotify Premium plan offers.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Agency: DDB Warsaw
​​​​​​​Client: Spotify 
Art Director: Katarzyna Olga Jarecka, Michał Duliński
Copywriter: Jakub Skitek, Krzysztof Mielcarek
Client Service: Łukasz Walerowski, Patrycja Tąder
Producer: Elżbieta Mielcuch
Postpoduction House: Rio de Post
3D: Daniel Klepek, Piotr Oszczygieł, Arkadiusz Topolski, Michał Pruski, Marcin Struniawski (Pixege)
Compositing: Marcin Struniawski (Pixege), Jakub Boś
Sound Design: Juice Sound

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